How to Be a Charity Volunteer

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How to Be a Charity Volunteer

One old Latin sentence says: „ Man is a wolf to man“. However, there are always those people that, beside all men demerits and bad attributes, declaire themselves as philanthropes. Those are men, that will be the first to run to help a man on the street that fall down because of heat, those are the people that ylways participate in voluntairly actions of collecting the funds for the most vulnerable society layer, those are the people that fight for other people. If you are the one who wish to give immaterial help for all those that need it, here you will find some advice for what can you do in the purpose of humanity.

Most simple way of help is blood donation. That precious liquid can not be bought legally, it can only be gained by ozher man good will for humanity. If you are one healthy person, age from 18 to 65, you can be blood donator. Of course, there are some medical parameters that your health condition need to meet, so your blood will be safe for receiver, or the donation would not harm your own health. The whole process from walking into donation centre to walking out takes about 30 minutes, and it includes fill out of the questionnaire for donor, registration, defining your hemoglobin level, medical examination, and finally taking your blood from the elbow curve, and after that refreshment with light meal as gratitude for your human act.

If you want to go further, you can sign into one of many humanitarian organisations, and that is the way to always be informed about humanity actions and projects which takes your help gladly and finds it very important. Humanitarian organisations are NGO ( Non Government Organisations), nonprofit and non political, composed by people willing to help in gathering funds and serving the vulnerable and treatened people. Collectiong of funds can be performed in many ways, such as organised actions, concerts, tournaments, exhibitions etc. There are also many different forums and seminars advisory caractered. You can sigh into any humanitary organisation no matter on race, gender, ethnic, national or religious affiliation, and also political or sexual preference. Most popular humanitary organisation in the world is The United Nations.

There are some minimal requirements for one to become an UN volunteer, ad those are listed below:

  • An university degree or high technical diploma
  • Several years of working experience
  • At least 25 years old, no maximum age limit
  • Very good working knoweledge in at least one of the three working UN languages – English, French, Spanish
  • Strong commitment to values and principes of volunteerism
  • Ability to work in multicultural environment
  • Ablilty to adjust in different and difficult living conditions
  • Strong interpersonal and organisational skills

If you find yourself in all of those written, UN will guarantee that you will be very good humanity worker, and your heart will be filled with pride and fortune that comes right out by helping other people. At the end, we all have helped someone sometimes, and the feeling was wonderfull, wasn’t it? Of course it was.

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